Sunday, October 18, 2009

A New Blog and a New Me

Hello everyone! It's time for a new me! I decided to create a new blog to help me get to the future I'm working towards and leave behind the Sumo I've always claimed myself to be!

If you have come to my new blog from the old one (,) let me say thanks for coming over! If you're new to my blogging, than thanks for reading!

I've been struggling with who I want to be physically for most of my life; however, the past few months have really taken a toll on my mental well being as well. As some of you may know, I started eating healthy at the beginning of 2008, lost some weight, started running in April of the same year when I learned I had a slow heart beat and have become EXTREMELY addicted to running.

Since that first day of eating right, I have lost 120 pounds, went from not being able to run 30 seconds, running my first 5K in 42 minutes, setting a 5K PR of 29:28 within a year of my start, finished my first full marathon in September 2009 in 5 hours and 12 minutes and my first half-marathon in October of 2009 in 2 hours and 20 minutes--yeah, yeah, I know you're supposed to run a half marathon before a full, but I'm a little different;-)

But my recent problem has come within the last few months. My weight loss has STOPPED. My running has improved, and I feel great physically. I think my problem has come with the increase in my base mileage and a DECREASE in my total calories. I believe I put myself into a starvation mode of sorts.

With all that being said, I have made a commitment to myself to realize my dream. As a fully addicted runner, one who never wants to stop, I am aspiring to become an ultra-runner someday. I would like to be ready to run the Laurel Highlands Ultra (a 70.5 mile run) before I turn 40 in 4 years. I am being realistic about this goal. It's written in sand, not stone. I will run an ultra before I turn 40; however, it may not be as big as Laurel--but I will run it for sure some day!

Ladies and gentleman, I'm no longer living in the life of a Sumo--past or present--I'm now living as a runner. Running Brad is who I am. It's who I want to be. And it's what I'll continue to work towards!

Stay safe, keep your soles to the ground, and keep moving forward!


  1. Looks like a good move. My wife says to eat 10 times your target weight in calories. So if my target weight is 200, I should eat 2000 calories a day. Seems to work pretty well for me. But you'll find what's right. Congrats on the new blog!