Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Podiatrist Visit

I've been having some "arch" issues in my left foot for a few, um, how should I say this without sounding like an idiot.... months now. It started in August after my last speed work session before the Erie Marathon. I thought I pulled a muscle in my foot and the nagging pain led me to take a rest day and end my running streak at 243 days.

I tried taking my Black SuperFeet out of my shoes, tried a less stable shoe with and with out the Black SuperFeet insoles and the problem persisted. I increased my fluid intake (which still isn't where it needs to be,) added some electrolyte drinks, learned stretches from the Internet, and it all led to the same outcome--my arch still hurt.

I read the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, a great read, and tried changing my stride to get to a more mid foot strike. I toyed with my bare feet on the treadmill. I rolled "The Stick" on my calves, a frozen bottle of water under my foot, and stretched with a belt. My arch still hurt.

So, after careful review, and a recommendation from a friend (thanks Jess,) I made an appointment to go to a Podiatrist. I was waiting for the horrible news--you'll never be able to run pain free again (or you need to take some time off--almost as bad!) They took an x-ray, the doctor pushed on a few different places on my foot, and declared Planters Fasciitis. Poo. It wasn't something simple like I hoped, but it wasn't earth shattering either!

Dr. Bosta sent me to the store to buy a pair of GREEN SuperFeet and Neutral shoes.d Great, I got permission from the doctor, actually was TOLD, to go buy running shoes! That's like giving a crack addict $200 and saying go buy whatever will make you happy!

Well, after 35 miles in my new Dyads complete with Green SuperFeet, my arch pain has subsided. My legs are feeling a little less sluggish, and I am happy. Why on earth didn't I go to the Podiatrist earlier? I'm not cured yet, but on my way!

Stay safe, keep your soles to the ground, and keep moving forward!

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  1. Ooohh. PF = BAD!!! If you find the miracle cure. clue me in....ok?